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Jonathan Kellerman, Author Biographies

Jonathan Seth Kellerman was born in New York City, New York on August 9,1949 but primarily grew up in Los Angeles, California. His parents were David and Sylvia Kellerman.

Jonathan earned his B.A. in psychology from UCLA. He earned his Doctorate in Child Psychology from the University of Southern California when he was only 24 years old. To support himself while a student, he worked at the university newspaper, “The Daily Bruin,” as a cartoonist. In his senior year, Jonathan won a Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award for fiction.

While at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Jonathan researched and wrote two medical texts, “Psychological Aspects of Childhood Cancer” in 1980, and “Helping the Fearful Child” in 1981.

Jonathan married Faye Mauder and they produced four children, Jesse, Rachel, Ilana and Aliza. He worked as a professor and a clinician for ten years before he started a writing career in psychological suspense thrillers. He published his first novel, “When the Bough Breaks,” in 1985. This book starts a series of books with psychologist Alex Delaware as the protagonist. Jonathan says that Alex is his alter ego.

Jonathan is not the only talent in the family. Faye Kellerman, is also a published suspense writer since

1986. She, along with youngest daughter, Aliza, co-authored a book in 2009, called “Prism.” The oldest son, Je

sse has also established himself as a published novelist.

In an interview for Armchair Detective, when asked why he writes such chilling crime novels, Jonathan said, “We want fear, but we want the resolution. You build up tension and then there’s a relief. If there is no resolution, people wouldn’t want it. It’s like tying a knot around your knees, then it feels so wonderful when you take it off. I know how to create fear because I’m a coward.” He says he will keep writing these books as long as people want to buy them.

Jonathan and Faye are the first married couple to have novels on the New York Best Sellers List at the same time. They make their homes in Los Angles, California and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Books by Jonathan Kellerman:


Alex Delaware:

When the Bough Breaks (Alex Delaware) (1985)

Blood Test (1986)

Over the Edge (1987)

Silent Partner (1989)

Time Bomb (1990)

Private Eyes (1991)

Devil’s Waltz (1992)

Bad Love (1993)


The Web (1995)

The Clinic (1996)

Survival of the Fitness (1997)

Monster (1999)

Dr. Death (Alex Delaware, No. 14) (2000)

Flesh and Blood (2001)

The Murder Book (Alex Delaware, No. 16) (2002)

Cold Heart (2003)

Therapy (2004)

Rage (2005)

Gone (2006)

Obsession (2007)

Compulsion (2008)

Bones (2008)

Evidence: An Alex Delaware Novel (2009)


Petra Connor:

Billy Straight (1998)

Twisted: A Novel (2004)

Stand Alone Novels:

The Butcher’s Theater (1988)

The Conspiracy Club (2003)



Blood Test, When the Bough Breaks, Over the Edge (1990)

Jonathan Kellerman Omnibus (1996)

The First Alex Delaware (2001)

Devil’s Waltz, Bad Love (2003)

Double Homicide (2004) (with Faye Kellerman)

Capital Crimes (2006) (with Faye Kellerman)


Daddy, Daddy, Can You Touch the Sky? (1994)

Anthologies Edited:

Diagnosis Dead: A Mystery Writers of America Anthology (2004)

Non Fiction:

The Best American Crime Reporting 2008 (2008) (with Thomas H. Cook and Otto Penzler)

With Strings Attached: The Art and Beauty of Vintage Guitars (2008)

Medical Text:

Psychological Aspects of Childhood Cancer (1980)

Helping the Fearful Child (1981)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Harlan Coben, Author Biographies

Harlan Coben was only 26 years old when his first book, ‘Play Dead,’ was published. It was when he started writing his Myron Bolitar series that he won the prestigious Edgar Award and was recognized by the New York Best Sellers List. In 2008, his book, ‘Hold Tight,’ was his first novel to hit number one.

Harlan Coben has won the Edgar Award, the Shamus Award and the Anthony Award. He has the distinction of being the only person to have won all three.

Harlan Coben was born into a Jewish family in Newark, New Jersey, on January 4, 1962. He was raised and schooled in Livingston, New Jersey. He jokes that this was not the New Jersey of Tony Soprano.

Harlan graduated from Amherst College with a degree in political science. It was while he was in his senior year that he realized he enjoyed writing. After graduating, he worked for a time in his grandfather’s company in the travel industry.

It is said of Harlan, ‘Nobody else writes such compelling thrillers that are centered in family lives.’ Harlan says, "Families always interest me because of the ties and bonds, and the acute sense of betrayal. I think my novels work because they're not just about serial killers, or a conspiracy that reaches all the way to the White House."

Most of Coben’s stand alone novels have been optioned by Hollywood. He says he is as guilty as many other novel

ists. He takes the money and runs. He says because the studio owns the rights, it can be heartbreaking to the author that tries to be involved, because he has little say or power. He claims that he will never write another screenplay.

Harlan’s novel, ‘Tell No One,’ was adapted into a French film. He was invited to do a cameo scene in the film. Harlan brought his family to watch and the whole family wound up being in the movie.

Unlike many novelists, Harlan loves to go on tour for his books. He loves the feed back. He says, “If I write a book and nobody reads it, I don’t exist as a writer.”

Harlan says that he has a love hate relationship with technology, but he is on and maintains his Facebook, My Space and Twitter accounts.

Harlan and his wife and their four children, live in Richwood, New Jersey. His
wife, Dr. Anne Armstrong-Coben, MD, a pediatrician, works at a rescue center. This is the same rescue center which is instrumental in his novel, “Tell No One.”

Books by Harlan Coben:


Myron Bolitar:

Deal Breaker (1995)

Drop Shot (1996)

FadeAway (1996)

One False Move (1998)


Darkest Fear (2000)

Promise Me (1996)


Stand Alone Novels:

Play Dead (1990)

Miracle Cure (1991)

Tell No One (2001)

Gone for Good (2002)


Just One Look (2004)

The Innocent (2005)

The Woods (2007)

Hold Tight (2008)

Caught (2010)


Two Great Novels (2004)

Three Great Novels (2004)

Three Great Novels (2005)

Tell No One / Gone for Good (2008)

Just One Look / Innocent / Promise Me (2008)

Anthologies Edited:

Death Do U Part: New Series Stories about Love, Lust and Murder (2006)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Linda Fairstein, Author Biographies

Linda Fairstein is a Fellow of the American college of Trial Lawyers and for 30 years she ran the Sex Crimes Unit of the District Attorney’s Office in Manhattan. She left that office in 2002. During her tenure, she helped to prosecute several high profile and controversial cases including the Robert Chambers’ “Preppy Murder” case in 1986.

Linda was born on May 5,1947 in Mount Vernon, New York. She graduated from Vassar College in 1969 with a B.A. in English Literature. Upon graduating from the University of Virginia Law in

1972, she joined the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney.

In 2004, Linda was named in a 10 million dollar lawsuit against the state of New York by Dr. Oliver Jovanovic. Dr. Jovanovic, a biologist, was convicted in 1998, for the kidnapping, sexual abuse and assault of a college student that he had met on the internet. His case was overturned in 1999, siting an unfair trial.

Linda’s draws on her legal expertise for her series character, Alexandra Cooper, a Manhattan prosecutor. Linda says she writes her series in the first person because, “I want them ‘the readers’ to see victimization and then hopefully the result in the courtroom from Alex’s perspective.” Linda’s first Alex Cooper novel, ‘Final Jeopardy,’ was made into an ABC television movie starring Dana Delaney.

Linda says that people that aren’t very bright probably commit 90% of crimes in this country. She says that in her

books, she may invent the murders, but the motives of the murders come from the motives in real cases. She says she has never written about any of her actual cases.

Linda centers all her novels in notable places around New York City. She says, “I just love having places that are real and very rich with history, and then I let my imagination loose.” She says she wants each book to be an entertaining escapism, and for the reader to come away learning something new. She said for her, writing the first hundred pages is equivalent to having a root canal but after 200 pages, it’s smooth sailing.

Linda loves to collect historical trivia, antique jewelry, desk and writing objects. She collects first edition books, particularly of crime and mystery genre. She also collects nineteenth century British Literature. She loves reading mysteries and her favorite television show is CSI Special Victims Unit.

Linda Fairstein and her husband, Justin Feldman, live in Manhattan and have a home in Martha’s Vineyard where they go each year for four months. She has a separate cottage where she plots and writes. Linda says that being a writer has been her passion since high school.

Linda is still a lawyer and takes a few cases for victims of violent crimes, usually pro bono. She also does consulting and is a keynote speaker lecturing on sex crimes and domestic violence.

Books by Linda Fairstein:


Alex Cooper:

Final Jeopardy (1994)

Likely to Die (1997)

Cold Hit (1999)

The Deadhouse (2001)

The Bone Vault (2003)


Entombed (2005)

Death Dance (2006)

Bad Blood (2007)

Killer Heat (2008)

Lethal Legacy (2009)


Final Jeopardy/Likely to Die (2004)

Cold Hit/The Deadhouse (2005)


I’d Kill for That (2004) (with Rita Mae Brown, Jennifer Cruise, Lisa Gardner, Heather Graham, Kay Hooper, Katherine Neville, Anne Perry, Kathy Reichs, Julie Smith and Tina Wainscott)


Non Fiction:

Sexual Violence: Our War Against Rape (1993)

(2007) (with Otto Penzler)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

British Author and Jockey, Dick Francis, Author Biographies

There is a story that Dick Francis leaned how to ride a donkey at the tender age of five. He collected his “first riders fee” when his older brother bet him a sixpence that he could not jump a fence while sitting backward on the donkey.

Dick (Richard) Francis was born on October 31, 1920, in the village of Lawreny, Pembrokeshire, Southwest Wales, the son of a Jockey and stable manager. As a child, he always loved horses and loved to ride. When he was 15, wanting nothing more than to become a jockey, and with poor grades and school attendance, Francis dropped out of school. In 1938, he became a trainer.

During World War II, Dick wanted to join the cavalry but wound up in the Royal Air Force. He was stationed in the Egyptain desert. He became a fighter pilot and flew Lancasters, Wellingtons and Spitfires.

In 1945, Dick met Mary Margaret Benchley, a stage manager and publisher’s reader. Mary says it was love at first sight. They married almost two years later in London. They have two sons, Felix and Merrick.

After fulfilling his enlistment with the RAF, Dick worked as a steeplechase trainer’s assistant and a jockey for two years.

At age 28, Dick turned professional and won over 350 races. He rode Queen Elizabeth’s (the Queen Mother) horses for Cazalet, the royal trainer. He was a champion jockey in the 1953-1954 season. He was forced to retired at age 36 after he was injured in a particularly bad fall.

In 1963, Francis’ first book, ‘Dead Cert,’ was published. He went on to publish over 40 more suspense novels. Most of Francis’s novels revolve around the horse industry. He got many of his story ideas while traveling the racing circuit.

In 1968, Francis’ autobiography was published. This brought him high acclaim and a 16 year gig as racing correspondent for the ‘Sunday Express.’ In 1984, Queen Elizabeth named him to the Order of the British Empire and in 2000 named him Commander.

In 1992, Francis and Mary moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Because of her health and his many injuries, they were searching for gentler winter climates. Later they moved to Grand Cayman. Mary died in 2000.

There are those who believe, and it is rumored that Mary was the true author of the Dick Francis novels. After all, Mary, they claim, was the educated one. It is said that originally Francis wanted Mary to be named coauthor. Their sons say their parents worked together. What ever the truth, Mary claims that she did much of the research and editing, only.

Dick Franicis, 89 years old, transitioned on February 14, 2010, at his Caribbean home in Grand Cayman. He is survived by his sons, five grandchildren and a great grandchild.

Felix has written the last four books with his father. He stated, “I very much hope I can continue the tradition. There will be future Dick Francis books because it is a brand.”

Books by Dick Francis:


Sid Hadley

Odds Against (1965)

Whip Hand (1979)

Come to Grief (1995)


Odds Against, Whip Hand, Come to Grief (omnibus) (2002)

Kit Fielding

Break In (1985)

Bolt (1986)

Break In, Bolt (omnibus) (2003)

Stand Alone Novels:


Nerve (1964)

For Kicks (1965)

Flying Finish (1966)

Blood Sport (1966)

Forfeit (1968)

Enquiry (1969)

Slay Ride (1970)

Rat Race (1970)

Bonecrack (1971)

Smokescreen (1972)

Knockdown (1974)

High Stakes (1975)

In the Frame (1976)

Risk (1977)

Trial Run (1978)

Reflex (1980)

Twice Shy (1981)

Banker (1982)

The Danger (1983)

Proof (1984)

Hot Money (1987)

The Edge (1988)

Straight (1989)

Longshot (1990)

Comeback (1991)

Driving Force (1992)

Decider (1993)

Wild Horses (1994)

To the Hilt (1996)

10 lb. Penalty (1997)

Second Wind (1999)

Shattered (2000)

Dead Heat2007) (w/Felix Francis)

Silks (2008) (w/Felix Francis)

Crossfire (2010) (w/ Felix Francis)


Field if 13 (1998)

Non Fiction

The Sport of Queens: The Autobiography of Dick Francis (1968)

Racing Man’s Bedside Book (1969) (w/John Welcome)

Lester (1986)

Jockey’s Life: The Biography of Lester Piggott (1986)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Catherine Coulter, Author Biographies

Catherine Coulter has two distinct genres that she loves writing. If you enjoy romance, she writes both historical and contemporary romances. For those that like contemporary mysteries she writes some very intense FBI suspense novels with unexpected plot twists. She says that writing in such totally differe

nt genres keeps her from burn out.

Catherine was born Jean Catherine Coulter on December 26,1942, and was raised on a horse ranch

in Texas. She hales from an artistic family. Her father being an artist and singer and her mother a concert pianist. Her grandmother, however, was a writer.

While growing up, Catherine loved reading the novels of Georgette Heyer (1902 - 1974), creator of the Regency England genre of romance novels. As a young teenager, Catherine wrote two unpublished, 15 page romances.

Catherine earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas where she enjoyed writing poetry. She went onto Boston College where she earned her Master’s degree in early Nineteenth Century European History with emphasis on the Napoleonic period.

After college, Catherine began her career as a speech writer for a large Wall Street firm. Challenged by her husband, a then medical student, she began another career as a gothic romance writer.

Catherine Coulter first appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list in 1988 for her book, ‘Moonspun Magic.’ Her books have appeared on the list numerous times since then.

Catherine is married to physician, Dr. Anton Pogany. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. She loves watching professional football, working out, reading, skiing and travel. Another love, her two cats.

Catherine says, “If you can support yourself with your writing and feed your cats, the rest is gravy.”


Historical Regency Romances

The Rebel Bride (1979)

Lord Deverill’s Heir (1980)

Lord Harry’s Folly (1980)

The Generous Earl (1981)

The Countess (1999)

Baron Series

An Honorable Offer (1981)

An Intimate Deception (1983)

The Deception (1998)

Devil’s Duology


Devil's Daughter (1985)

Medieval Song

Chandra (1984)

Fire Song (1985)

Earth Song (1990)

Secret Song (1991)

Rosehaven (1996)

The Penwyth Curse (2002)

Star Quartet

Sweet Surender (1984)

Midnight Star (1986)

Wild Star (1986)

Jade Star (1987)

Magic Trilogy

Midsummer Magic (1987)

Calypso Magic (1988)

Moonspun Magic (1988)

Night Trilogy

Night Fire (1989)

Night Shadow (1989)

Night Storm (1990)

Viking Era

Season of the Sun (1991)

Lord of Hawkfell Island (1993)

Lord of Raven’s Peak (1994)

Lord of Falcon Ridge (1995)


The Sherbrooke Bride (Bride Series) (1992)

The Hellion Bride (1992)

The Heiress Bride (1993)

Mad Jack (1999)

The Courtship (2000)

The Scottish Bride (2001)

Pendragon (2001)

The Sherbrooke Twins (Bride Series) (2004)


Wizard’s Daughter (2007)

The Bride Trilogy: The Heiress Bride / The Hellion Bride / The Sherbrooke Bride (omnibus) (1995)

Pendragon / Sherbrooke Twins / Lyon’s Gate (omnibus) (2008)

Legacy Trilogy

The Wyndham Legacy (1994)

The Nightingale Legacy (1994)

The Valentine Legacy (Legacy Series) (1995)

FBI Thriller


The Maze (1997)

The Target (1998)

The edge (1999)

Riptide (2000)

Hemlock Bay (2001)

Eleventh Hour (2002)

Blind Side (2003)

Blowout (2004)

Point Blank (2005)

Double Take (2005)

Tailspin (2008)

Knockout (2009)

Whiplash (An FBI Thriller) (2010)

Te Beginning (omnibus) (2005)

Double Jeopardy: The Target / The Edge (omnibus) (2008)

The Autumn Countess (1979)

Aftershocks (1985)

The Aristocrat (1986)

Afterglow (1987)

False Pretenses (1988)

Impulse (1990)

Beyond Eden (1992)

Born to be Wild (2006)