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Jonathan Kellerman, Author Biographies

Jonathan Seth Kellerman was born in New York City, New York on August 9,1949 but primarily grew up in Los Angeles, California. His parents were David and Sylvia Kellerman.

Jonathan earned his B.A. in psychology from UCLA. He earned his Doctorate in Child Psychology from the University of Southern California when he was only 24 years old. To support himself while a student, he worked at the university newspaper, “The Daily Bruin,” as a cartoonist. In his senior year, Jonathan won a Samuel Goldwyn Writing Award for fiction.

While at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Jonathan researched and wrote two medical texts, “Psychological Aspects of Childhood Cancer” in 1980, and “Helping the Fearful Child” in 1981.

Jonathan married Faye Mauder and they produced four children, Jesse, Rachel, Ilana and Aliza. He worked as a professor and a clinician for ten years before he started a writing career in psychological suspense thrillers. He published his first novel, “When the Bough Breaks,” in 1985. This book starts a series of books with psychologist Alex Delaware as the protagonist. Jonathan says that Alex is his alter ego.

Jonathan is not the only talent in the family. Faye Kellerman, is also a published suspense writer since

1986. She, along with youngest daughter, Aliza, co-authored a book in 2009, called “Prism.” The oldest son, Je

sse has also established himself as a published novelist.

In an interview for Armchair Detective, when asked why he writes such chilling crime novels, Jonathan said, “We want fear, but we want the resolution. You build up tension and then there’s a relief. If there is no resolution, people wouldn’t want it. It’s like tying a knot around your knees, then it feels so wonderful when you take it off. I know how to create fear because I’m a coward.” He says he will keep writing these books as long as people want to buy them.

Jonathan and Faye are the first married couple to have novels on the New York Best Sellers List at the same time. They make their homes in Los Angles, California and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Books by Jonathan Kellerman:


Alex Delaware:

When the Bough Breaks (Alex Delaware) (1985)

Blood Test (1986)

Over the Edge (1987)

Silent Partner (1989)

Time Bomb (1990)

Private Eyes (1991)

Devil’s Waltz (1992)

Bad Love (1993)


The Web (1995)

The Clinic (1996)

Survival of the Fitness (1997)

Monster (1999)

Dr. Death (Alex Delaware, No. 14) (2000)

Flesh and Blood (2001)

The Murder Book (Alex Delaware, No. 16) (2002)

Cold Heart (2003)

Therapy (2004)

Rage (2005)

Gone (2006)

Obsession (2007)

Compulsion (2008)

Bones (2008)

Evidence: An Alex Delaware Novel (2009)


Petra Connor:

Billy Straight (1998)

Twisted: A Novel (2004)

Stand Alone Novels:

The Butcher’s Theater (1988)

The Conspiracy Club (2003)



Blood Test, When the Bough Breaks, Over the Edge (1990)

Jonathan Kellerman Omnibus (1996)

The First Alex Delaware (2001)

Devil’s Waltz, Bad Love (2003)

Double Homicide (2004) (with Faye Kellerman)

Capital Crimes (2006) (with Faye Kellerman)


Daddy, Daddy, Can You Touch the Sky? (1994)

Anthologies Edited:

Diagnosis Dead: A Mystery Writers of America Anthology (2004)

Non Fiction:

The Best American Crime Reporting 2008 (2008) (with Thomas H. Cook and Otto Penzler)

With Strings Attached: The Art and Beauty of Vintage Guitars (2008)

Medical Text:

Psychological Aspects of Childhood Cancer (1980)

Helping the Fearful Child (1981)

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