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Catherine Coulter, Author Biographies

Catherine Coulter has two distinct genres that she loves writing. If you enjoy romance, she writes both historical and contemporary romances. For those that like contemporary mysteries she writes some very intense FBI suspense novels with unexpected plot twists. She says that writing in such totally differe

nt genres keeps her from burn out.

Catherine was born Jean Catherine Coulter on December 26,1942, and was raised on a horse ranch

in Texas. She hales from an artistic family. Her father being an artist and singer and her mother a concert pianist. Her grandmother, however, was a writer.

While growing up, Catherine loved reading the novels of Georgette Heyer (1902 - 1974), creator of the Regency England genre of romance novels. As a young teenager, Catherine wrote two unpublished, 15 page romances.

Catherine earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Texas where she enjoyed writing poetry. She went onto Boston College where she earned her Master’s degree in early Nineteenth Century European History with emphasis on the Napoleonic period.

After college, Catherine began her career as a speech writer for a large Wall Street firm. Challenged by her husband, a then medical student, she began another career as a gothic romance writer.

Catherine Coulter first appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list in 1988 for her book, ‘Moonspun Magic.’ Her books have appeared on the list numerous times since then.

Catherine is married to physician, Dr. Anton Pogany. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. She loves watching professional football, working out, reading, skiing and travel. Another love, her two cats.

Catherine says, “If you can support yourself with your writing and feed your cats, the rest is gravy.”


Historical Regency Romances

The Rebel Bride (1979)

Lord Deverill’s Heir (1980)

Lord Harry’s Folly (1980)

The Generous Earl (1981)

The Countess (1999)

Baron Series

An Honorable Offer (1981)

An Intimate Deception (1983)

The Deception (1998)

Devil’s Duology


Devil's Daughter (1985)

Medieval Song

Chandra (1984)

Fire Song (1985)

Earth Song (1990)

Secret Song (1991)

Rosehaven (1996)

The Penwyth Curse (2002)

Star Quartet

Sweet Surender (1984)

Midnight Star (1986)

Wild Star (1986)

Jade Star (1987)

Magic Trilogy

Midsummer Magic (1987)

Calypso Magic (1988)

Moonspun Magic (1988)

Night Trilogy

Night Fire (1989)

Night Shadow (1989)

Night Storm (1990)

Viking Era

Season of the Sun (1991)

Lord of Hawkfell Island (1993)

Lord of Raven’s Peak (1994)

Lord of Falcon Ridge (1995)


The Sherbrooke Bride (Bride Series) (1992)

The Hellion Bride (1992)

The Heiress Bride (1993)

Mad Jack (1999)

The Courtship (2000)

The Scottish Bride (2001)

Pendragon (2001)

The Sherbrooke Twins (Bride Series) (2004)


Wizard’s Daughter (2007)

The Bride Trilogy: The Heiress Bride / The Hellion Bride / The Sherbrooke Bride (omnibus) (1995)

Pendragon / Sherbrooke Twins / Lyon’s Gate (omnibus) (2008)

Legacy Trilogy

The Wyndham Legacy (1994)

The Nightingale Legacy (1994)

The Valentine Legacy (Legacy Series) (1995)

FBI Thriller


The Maze (1997)

The Target (1998)

The edge (1999)

Riptide (2000)

Hemlock Bay (2001)

Eleventh Hour (2002)

Blind Side (2003)

Blowout (2004)

Point Blank (2005)

Double Take (2005)

Tailspin (2008)

Knockout (2009)

Whiplash (An FBI Thriller) (2010)

Te Beginning (omnibus) (2005)

Double Jeopardy: The Target / The Edge (omnibus) (2008)

The Autumn Countess (1979)

Aftershocks (1985)

The Aristocrat (1986)

Afterglow (1987)

False Pretenses (1988)

Impulse (1990)

Beyond Eden (1992)

Born to be Wild (2006)

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