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Janet Evanovich Author Biographies

Janet Evanovich was born Janet Schneider in South River, New Jersey on April 22, 1943. She studied art for four years at Rutgers’ Douglass College of Art. She married Peter Evanovich in 1964. They produced two children, Peter and Alexandra. Janet became a home maker and artist. In her thirties, she developed an allergy to pigment. As an alternative she started writing romance novels using the pseudonym, Steffie Hall.

After many failed attempts at being published, she took a secretarial job with a temp agency. A few months later she got a call to publish “Hero at Large”. She quit her temp job and started writing romances novels full time.

Later, Janet started writing in the mystery genre and in 1994 her first Stephanie Plum book was published. The central character, Stephanie Plum, is an inept bounty hunter. These light-hearted mysteries, with a touch of romance, will keep you laughing and wondering when the next book will hit the shelf. Janet claims that, “If we can laugh at something, we can face it.”

Janet sold the movie rights for these books to Columbia Tristar, but so far no movies have been made. Janet said she had envisioned Sandra Bullock as Stephanie Plum, but Sandra Bullock is getting too old now.

The family moved to New Hampshire in 1995 where she started her own company, called Evanovich, Inc. Her husband, Stephen runs the business. Her son, Peter does all things financial and is the master problem solver. Daughter, Alex, along with her staff created and run the website, writes the newsletter and takes care of publicity.

Janet has received many awards for her Romance, mysteries and thrillers. In 2010, her and her daughter will be coming out with some graphic novels for Dark Horse Comics. They will be based on her Alexandra Barnaby series. In an interview she said, “It allows me to feed my Nascar addiction and comic book addiction all at the same time.”


Stephanie Plum Series:
One for the Money (1994)
Two for the Dough (1995)
Three to get Deadly (1997)
Four to Score (1998)
High Five (1999)
Hot Six (2000)
Seven Up (2001)
Hard Eight (2002)
To the Nines (2003)
Ten Big Ones (2004)
Eleven on Top (2005)
Twelve Sharp (2006)
Lean Mean Thirteen (2007)
Fearless Fourteen (2008)
Finger Lickin' Fifteen (Stephanie Plum Novels)(2009)

Plum Boxed Set 1 (1, 2, 3): Contains One for the Money, Two for the Dough and Three to Get Deadly(Stephanie Plum Novels)

Between the Numbers:
Visions of Sugar Plums (2002)
Plum Lovin’ (2007)
Plum Lucky (2008)
Plum Spooky (A Between-the-Numbers Novel)(2009)

Stephanie Plum Omnibuses:
Three Plums in One (2001)
The Stephanie Plum Novels (2002)
Three to Get Ready/ Four to Score/ High Five/ Hot Six (2002)
Hot Six/ Seven Up/ Hard Eight (2006)
More Plums in One (2007)
Seven Up/ Hard Eight/ To the Nines (2007)
Ten Big Ones/ Eleven on Top/ Twelve Sharp (2007)

Max Holt Series (written with Charlotte Hughes:
Full House (2002
Full Tilt (2002)
Full Speed (2003)
Full Blast (2004)
Full Bloom (2005)
Full Scoop (Janet Evanovich's Full Series)(2006)

The Full Box (omnibus) (2006)
Alexandra Barnaby Series:
Metro Girl (2004)
Motor Mouth (2006)
Cate Madigan (written with Leanne Banks)
Hot Stuff(2007)

Romance Novels: (Pseudonym, Stephie Hall)
Hero at Large
Foul Play
The Grand Finale
Love Overboard
Back to the Bedroom
Wife for Hire
Rocky Road to Romance
Naughty Neighbor

How I Write (2006)

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